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Secondary Shredders: Komet & Power Komet

The Lindner Komet range of powerful heavy-duty single shaft shredders are the market leaders for SRF/RDF production, over the past five years MachTech Services and Lindner have secured a market share of approximately 90% of all new shredders sold into the industry. Many competitors machines have been replaced with Lindner equipment, but, at the moment no Lindner equipment has been replaced by a competitor, a fact that speaks volumes for the quality and reliability of the equipment we offer and the dedicated technical teams that provide our after sales support.

The Komet range utilises the Lindner intelligent modular design system making it flexible, adaptable and robust, satisfied customers the World over commend it as being reliable, durable, operator and maintenance friendly, Our energy-saving operation and intelligent adjustable control systems secure high availability whilst guaranteeing optimal output yield and providing low shredding cost per ton.

Secondary Shredders
Secondary Shredders
Secondary Shredders

The Komet comes in three technologies, the Komet, the Power Komet and the Komet HP, and in rotor sizes of 1100, 1800, 2200 and 2800.

The Lindner Komet range of powerful heavy-duty single shaft shredders are utilised for effective shredding/granulation with a regulated feed of various pre-shredded materials without unshreddable content. The Lindner Komet can be individually configured and optimally fitted for its application.

The Power Komet is appealing because of its peak economical and ecological performance. The essential distinction of the Power Komet compared to the Komet is that it is fitted with an additional energy-saving pre-drive that saves up to 20% of energy cost. In combination with the shredding system developed by Lindner, a total energy reduction of 50% compared to our competitors can be shown.

The Komet HP is the newest addition to the range, HP standing for High Performance, with this machine throughputs can be increased by as much as 25% making it the most productive secondary shredder on the market today, fresh redesigned cutting geometry and drive system have allowed Lindner to construct a machine that is not only optimised for high performance but can also be adjusted to reduce internal damage if foreign parts are introduced to the machine