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One-step RDF Processing

Energy efficient, flexible and capable of throughputs that once again blow competitors machinery out of the water, introducing the new game changing Lindner Polaris one step shredder for high volume SRF/RDF production.

The powerful Polaris universal waste shredder is a slow running, single-shaft machine that has been designed especially for the processing of untreated household refuse and industrial and commercial waste containing low levels of deleterious substances. The Polaris guarantees optimum output material for every application derived from everything from waste paper and plastics, to textiles and tyres. In line with their individual business requirements, Lindner customers can employ the machine as a pre-shredder, or a one-step shredder for the processing of SRF/RDF. The special feature of the Polaris is the enormous shredding power that is applied to the material. This is possible due to the proven belt drive and the improved transmission of high torque onto the shredding shaft. The shredded output material can be used directly as a coarse RDF fraction without prior separation, or as feed for downstream processes.


During the lengthy testing period for this machine at a customer’s operational facility in Austria throughputs were recorded averaging

90%<60mm: 21 to 24t/h
90%<50mm: 14t/h
90%<30mm: 10.5 to 13t/h

The LINDNER POLARIS 2800 comes standard with the intelligent controller with an 9" operators touch panel. This provides adjustment to different, even difficult materials. Saved electrical drawings and spare parts lists as well as a variety of parameters, maintenance intervals, machine status and malfunctions are sorted by date and time and shown on the display. Software or changes are imported by USB stick or via Internet connection, which can also be used for remote maintenance.

As with all Lindner machines, the new Polaris range of shredders benefits from innovative design features such as the ability to quickly remove foreign objects through the hydraulically opening maintenance and foreign part flap without clearing the cutting chamber; operations can resume immediately. By being able to extract a foreign part selectively minimizes the time required. Additional advantage: when foreign parts are removed, only very little material is lost from the cutting chamber. What’s more, the LINDNER maintenance and foreign part flap ensures simple adjustment / turning / change of cutting knives and counter knives. The maintenance flaps allow for best possible access to the hydraulically operated screen cassette.