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Director of Wheeldons Waste

likes to stay ahead of the game 

and succeeds in producing clean top quality

SRF product.

With 4 transfer stations that covers Greater Manchester James Wheeldon director of Wheeldons waste likes to stay ahead of the game and succeeds in producing clean top quality SRF product.

After visiting Mach-Techs Open day held in Cumbria last June and witnessing the throughput of the Polaris, Mr Wheeldon decided there and then that the Polaris was exactly the one- step shredder he needed to ensure his demands and needs were met. Mr Wheeldon said

“Having ran many shredders over the years, I have learnt what is good, average and bad and the Polaris in my opinion is definably the best and leads in today’s market. The Polaris meets the multitude of tasks and needs we have here at Wheeldons Waste”.

Having replaced his previous one step shredder produced by Untha with a Lindner model, Mr Wheeldon explained the reasons for this action.

"The Untha has a 120mm screen and it produced a 90mm product at 14 tonne p/H, so it did leave us with issues such as contamination in some of the products we produced on the oversize. We also felt as if we were pushing the machine to its maximum.

In comparison, the Lindner Polaris uses a 60-mm screen producing a 50mm product with the higher tonnage of 18 tonnes P/H. With this in mind, plus the Lindner design for easy foreign part removal without making any damage to the machine, we breathe a lot easier.

The choice to replace the Untha with Polaris is giving us a pea size much cleaner product enabling us to sell on much better and more SRF".

Wheeldons Waste is a large operation that deals with commercial, industrial, construction and some municipal waste. Wheeldons have 7 picking lines to sort out recyclables and anything that can’t be recycled is transferred to their facility in Ramsbottom Bury where the Polaris is situated.

The out-put material from here goes into SRF, oversize SRF, cement kilns, sold to brokers for exportation.