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Unveiling the Polaris 

North West Recycling was  the first company in the UK to benefit from the ground-breaking shredding technology of Lindner’s latest model “The Polaris.”This followed months of discussion and investigation with leading shredding consultants Manchester-based Mach Tech Services and Austrian shredding-tech specialists Lindner.

North West Recycling - which operates alongside their sister company Brampton Skip Hire on a 16 acre site at Kingmoor Park, Carlisle - owns a large waste recycling plant. The company is constantly seeking to improve and innovate when it comes to the technology employed in recycling - and products created via recycling.

In 2016 they approached Mach Tech Services – Lindner’s UK distributors - with a view to sourcing the best solution in one-step shredding. The brief was to source a machine which would provide maximum throughput and minimum oversize product, yielding a material suitable for solid recovered fuel (SRF) processing.

As luck would have it, Lindner were in the throes of developing such a machine, which they had named “The Polaris”.

The Polaris was everything North West Recycling was seeking – a highly specialised single shaft shredder with enormous transmission power. The universal shredder, whilst incredibly sturdy in design, also boasted exceptional low operating costs.

The subsequent delivery of the Polaris has proven to be an exciting new stage in innovation for North West Recycling, Mach Tech and Lindner. Recently, North West Recycling was pleased to host an independent group of academics from Austrian university “Montan,” who put the Polaris through a vigorous testing regime.

The results have proven the outstanding performance and technology of this one-step shredding solution, and the group could not be happier.

General Manager Dave Bamber said: “North West Recycling is delighted with the Polaris and the relationship developed between Mach Tech, Lindner and ourselves. This is a great new venture for our organisation.

MachTech has also completed an installation of a Lindner Polaris 2800 at Wheeldon's Waste in Ramsbottom, Lancashire late this month. The machine was handed over to the client on schedule.

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