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The Lindner Micromat - Standing the Test of Time 

Retech Recycling attributes plain and simple hard work to their continued success.

This Family business,which started life as a hobby of MD Andrew Connors, is now a successful company that’s been operating for over 20 years, specialising in the recovery of various plastic materials including PP, Acrylic, PVC, PS and ABS. 

Retech also plays an important part in the history of Mach-Tech Services as  back in 2007 they became the first MachTech customer to invest in a Lindner shredder.

MD Joe Hoyle recalls

‘’We’d worked with Retech on a number of projects and provided engineering services to them previously, The first machine that we installed was a Lindner Micromat 2000, shortly followed by a Micromat 1500i into Retech's site in Halifax’’.

Retech run ABS through the 12 year old Micromat 2000 reaching approximately 2.2 tonnes per hour and reducing to a fraction size of minus 30 mm before being granulated ,bagged and sold.

PP/HDPE runs dry through the Micromat 1500 reducing the material to a 40 mm fractionand then down to 10mm after it’s been granulated.

M.D Mr Andrew Connors stated that both the Micromats have surpassed expectations over the 12 year period and believes that this is due to how robust and well-built the Micromats are.

Mr Connors stated “Both the Micromats, in their different compacities improve, the day to day running of the site,this is not only due to the machines efficiency but also how little maintenance is needed ,Ican’t recall a time that either of these machines had any major faults that ended in long periods of down time.

Mach-Tech are also just as reliable as the machines they sell and I can say in all honesty that they are thego-to suppliers in the UK and offer the best service in the Industry”.