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Mobile Shredder: Urraco

The URRACO is a versatile, slow-speed two shaft shredder for primary shredding of untreated materials with foreign objects. The URRACO represents quality, power and reliability.

Mobile Shredders
Mobile Shredders
Mobile Shredders

Whatever application you have for us – we either have the solution or we will develop it with you! For you, that means:

  • low-noise and fuel saving drives
  • low maintenance due to superb reliability
  • low-trouble operations thanks to solid and robust construction
  • maximum throughput in the toughest operating conditions

The Lindner Mobile Urraco shredder offers you:-

  • aggressive intake
  • high throughput
  • low energy consumption
  • high tolerance of foreign objects
  • low cost for wear and tear
  • service- and maintenance-friendly
  • low dust formation
  • classic fracture mechanics
  • fracture protection by reversing function
  • high economic efficiency

Extensive R&D coupled with industry testing has already proved the Urraco suitable for the high volume primary shredding of:-

  • Mixed scrap wood from A1 to A4
  • Rootstock, log wood
  • Biomass, lop
  • Domestic waste
  • Bulky waste, commercial waste
  • Mixed construction waste
  • Paper
  • Electric and electronic waste
  • Lightweight scrap